Friday, June 18, 2010

Track 2: Videos

Above: The UMB Jazz Band concert (May 5, 2010) featuring clips of Unit Seven by Wes Montgomery

Above: The UMB Chamber Singers performing the Alma Mater at the Commencement Ceremony (June 4, 2010); I'm wearing the dark shades

Above: The UMB Jazz Band concert (May 6, 2010) featuring clips from Phase Dance by Pat Metheny

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Track 1: Intro

I want to welcome everyone to my music blog!

A little about me: I'm a college grad with a degree in music and not much of a clue what direction I'm heading in! Yeah ... that was deep!

But on the real, I'm working to build a career, looking at some teaching opportunities, choral directing as well as possible gigs and performance stuff. So really, the main idea behind this blog is to follow along as I try to network and establish myself, maybe pick up a few pointers along the way from my readers!

To start you off, I've a YouTube channel (CLICK HERE) which I'll embed a few of my starter videos on the blog and a Facebook page (CLICK HERE). I'm hoping to record some original compositions (sans backup band) for my YouTube channel. I'm still working on the FB page and I know I need to establish a Twitter account so I'm gonna get there! I'll keep updates on all my sites as I work through this so please feel free to comment and leave your opinions (good and bad) so that I can make it better!

So let the adventure begin!